Bijou homme diamant : Franky Diamond explique leur succès

Diamond men's jewelry: Franky Diamond explains their success

There are more and more men who don't hesitate to wear diamond jewelry. Franky Diamonds, the man behind the White Carat Co brand, was one of the spearheads of the trend. He explained to Space Coast Daily the reasons for this success.

Men's jewelry: the return of a certain era

Men's love of jewelry goes way beyond bling. As more and more athletes, rappers and other rich and famous personalities wear diamond men's jewelry, one can conclude that we are witnessing a kind of return of the modern man to the time when kings and emperors wore precious stones and diamonds in flamboyant fashion.

Influencer and men's jewelry designer Franky Diamond says it's the "success philosophy" that drives men to want to wear sophisticated and exclusive jewelry. It's sort of their way of ostensibly displaying their success in life.

Franky has brought a breath of fresh air to men's jewelery by flooding his jewelery and accessories with diamonds. And unlike other designers who use this precious stone, its clientele is essentially male. His brand, White Carat Co, is a resounding success.

From necklaces to bracelets and rings

From luxury diamond watches to rings, men's necklaces and pendants, Franky's creativity and innovation spans its extensive collections. While he spends most of his time redefining the art of setting and choosing stones personally, he is also interested in philanthropy.

His brand is notably associated with the association World Partnership Walk, which campaigns to eradicate poverty in the world. A portion of the sales of each jewel is donated to the association to help people in need.

Before becoming one of the big names in men's jewelry, Franky was a financier. However, he quickly understood that this universe was not made for him. He drew on the family tradition to find his way. Namely in the jewelry craftsmanship of his father and grandfather, who had acquired this mastery in India and Pakistan.

I am proud to have carried on the family tradition in the worlds of diamonds and jewellery. It was an extraordinary experience. We've reinvented the wheel by extending the offer to men's jewellery. »

His goal was not just to create a premium brand. His goal was to establish a philosophy of life. Today, diamond jewelry for men has become a heavy trend among men.

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