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Men's Rings: All You Need to Know About Skull Rings

Who said that jewelry is a feminine accessory? History proves to us that men have always loved jewelry. Whether as an outward sign of wealth, as a symbol of power or simply decorative objects. After experiencing a downturn, men's jewelry is back on the scene. Without being the majority, the tendency to wear a men's ring or a bracelet will not make you an original.

The men's ring, one of the most popular men's jewels

The most common jewellery for men are undoubtedly rings and bracelets. It's no coincidence: we are used to wearing watches and wedding bands. It is therefore much easier to wear a ring or a bracelet than a necklace or an earring, for example.

In the ring department, you can find everything. But when it comes to men's models, there are some that particularly stand out. This is particularly the case of the signet ring. Or the skull ring. This type of jewelry is particularly appreciated in music and motorcycle circles, but it is adopted by men from all walks of life.

Skull ring symbolism

The skull symbol is found in many cultures around the world, as well as throughout history. It represents death, but not only. Among bikers, the skull rather plays the role of an amulet. It's more about defying it than encouraging it, as the misguided vehicle of popular belief.

But you don't have to look for midday to 2 p.m. to appreciate a skull ring. It may just be an aesthetic choice. Because yes, such an accessory is cool. In addition, there is a skull ring and a skull ring. Some models are discreet, others more ostentatious. For example, the Bijoux4Men store has skull bracelets whose size does not exceed that of the other beads. So it can be something very discreet. Ideal for supporters of sobriety.

Skull Rings: Types

Usually, a skull ring is made of silver or steel. Such gold or gilt jewelry is much rarer. This is partly due to the fact that skull jewelry is particularly popular with bikers. And since their gear is pretty silver, they favor this jewelry color.

When the ring is made of silver, the black contrast is obtained thanks to the process of oxidation of the silver, which gives it this blackish appearance. This chemical reaction is natural, but it is caused artificially in order to create various patterns. We can nevertheless find such rings in 2 tones.

Match ring and bangle

Men's skull rings go particularly well with bangles. These can also be combined with a beautiful signet ring. You will also find on Bijoux4Men matching series of rushes/rings, in particular from the brand Hënko Paris.

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