Bague de fiançailles pour homme : le train est en marche

Men's Engagement Ring: The Train Is Moving

The world of men's jewelry is in full swing. Not a week goes by without something new appearing on the market. One of the latest trends in this area is developing across the Atlantic: the men's engagement ring. And we're not talking about the gay community, which has been using this type of ring for a long time.

The "mengagement ring", or men's engagement ring

In the United States, where we love formulas, this new men's jewel has been baptized mengagement ring. This is of course the merging of the words "men" and "engagement". From now on, when an engagement is pronounced, these ladies no longer have the privilege of having a ring on their finger. It is quite possible that Monsieur is also wearing his men's engagement ring. This market is booming.

This is how the owner of a jewelry store specializing in engagement rings revealed that sales of men's engagement rings have experienced a huge increase in recent months. As an example, the turnover of this segment increased by more than 66% last year, as well as the number of searches on the Internet. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Why are men also entitled to their engagement rings?

After all, why should women wear engagement rings and men shouldn't? After the wedding, the 2 members of the couple wear a wedding ring, why make an exception during the previous step? The men's engagement ring is in a way a return of logic. When a man proposes to a woman, the engagement ring warns his fellow men: it's my bride, don't touch!

Women who take the initiative to give their man an engagement ring, in addition to pleasing him, are probably driven by this motivation. According to jewelry stores specializing in this type of product, the public that is seduced by men's engagement rings concerns all age groups. As a result, the jewellery sector is in the process of adapting by constantly increasing its offer in this area.

With or without a diamond, it depends

A women's engagement ring rarely does without a diamond, if not ever. Even if it's a bit more complicated for men's jewelry, many models have this so-called eternal stone. For men who prefer a slightly more industrial look, there are rings in silver, white gold or even steel.

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