Bague de fiançailles : comment bien la choisir ?

Engagement ring: how to choose it well?

The ideal scenario, you have already imagined it! It will be romantic, during a romantic dinner, in the middle of the cinema... No! You are going to ask her for her hand during a hot air balloon ride! But you're still a little apprehensive. Will she accept? And the ring, how can you be sure that he will like it? It is true that choosing THE engagement ring is far from being an easy step. In this process, there is no room for error. Don't worry, with our advice you won't go wrong.

Engagement rings: the criteria to take into account

In silver, gold, platinum, set with diamonds, sapphires or fine stones, the engagement ring comes in several models.

The stone. precious, it will be

For an exceptional marriage proposal, you need an exceptional ring set with the most beautiful stone: the diamond. The strong point of this stone is that it goes with all outfits. In addition, the diamond is a symbol of purity and eternity. Offering a diamond engagement ring will therefore testify to your timeless love for your other half. The diamond can be cut in different ways: baguette, cushion, pear, princess, marquise, etc.

If your sweetheart loves stories of princess and knight, a ring adorned with sapphire will ensure you a big YES.Like Prince William with Kate Middleton, ask for your significant other's hand with a sapphire-encrusted engagement ring. In addition, this stone represents loyalty and brings wealth.

Another alternative, the emerald. This stone remains an excellent choice for an engagement ring. And for good reason, it represents hope and fertility. A good sign for your new life together. If you want to show your passion to your lover, choose the Ruby Engagement Ring. This stone is very rare, rarer even than the diamond.Giving an engagement ring set with rubies to the chosen one of your heart means that you have found the rare pearl.

For the more daring, a ring set with a semi-precious stone or fine pearl can be an original idea.

The precious metal: an element worth thinking about

For dull skin, a yellow gold engagement ring will bring out their complexion. On the other hand, white gold is fair skin’s best friend. Be aware, however, that a white gold ring will yellow over time, unless you choose a rhodium-plated white gold ring. If you can afford it, opt for a platinum engagement ring. Brighter and more resistant than gold, platinum has a knack for suiting all skin tones.

The model: a personal choice

As you might suspect, there are a multitude of engagement ring designs that are as beautiful as they are attractive.

The Solitary

As its name suggests, a solitaire is a ring set with a stone. Very popular, the solitaire constitutes the majority of engagement rings.

The accompanied solitary

It's a solitaire ring embellished with a multitude of small precious stones set on either side of the main stone.

The Trilogy

This is a ring made up of a trio of gemstones of the same size.

A matter of taste and budget

To choose an engagement ring, you should not base yourself solely on its aesthetics. Indeed, other criteria come into play, in particular the taste of the lucky woman and your budget.

For a faultless start, start by observing your other half carefully. What are the main characteristics of the jewelry she wears on a daily basis? Is it jewelry in yellow gold or silver tint? Does she prefer simple jewelry or imposing models? This will give you an idea of ​​the engagement ring you should give her. Also, take into account the signals she sends you subtly when you go shopping together, for example.

Second element to consider when choosing the right engagement ring, the budget. No need to spend all your savings or take out a loan. To give you an idea of ​​the price, here is some useful information:

  • Platinum is 40% more expensive than gold, given its hardness.
  • Gemstones with absolute clarity and top color are the most expensive.
  • And of course, the price of a trilogy is much more expensive than a solitaire.

Are men entitled to engagement jewelry too?

The answer is yes. Even if it is not common, the future groom has every right to wear men's jewelry for his engagement. Moreover, there are jewelry stores that offer a duo of engagement rings. One for sir and one for madam. If you're not very ring-minded, you can always turn to a men's bracelet silver or white gold bracelet. The curb chain, which has long been decried, is also coming back to the fore. Many engaged men do not hesitate to wear this type of jewelry to stand out. How about a precious metal chain with a pendant engraved with the date of your engagement? As mentioned above, it's a matter of taste.

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