Bague chevalière homme : une excellente idée de cadeau pour la Fête des Pères

Men's signet ring: a great gift idea for Father's Day

Father's Day is June 21st. You still have a little over 2 weeks to find the gift that will delight your dad. That's plenty of time to order a men's signet ring from Bijoux4Men online. Why give him this present? Focus on the men's signet ring, its history and its appeal today.

The signet ring, a hit with both men and women

Signet rings have been on the rise for a few years. Even though it is basically a men's ring, the fairer sex has also fallen in love with this jewel. Whether it's an antique, monogrammed, stone or personalized signet ring.

Indeed, in its origins, the signet ring had the function of serving as a seal. Members of the nobility, wearing a signet ring, could therefore sign a document at any time. It is probably for this reason that this jewel is called Signet Ring in English.

But over time, the signet ring has evolved. In the Middle Ages, it began to display the family coat of arms, becoming a purely decorative accessory. The ring was then democratized to be worn by men from all walks of life. The personalization factor is still very present in the signet ring. Without having to engrave your initials on it.

The bad boy ring after World War II

Curiously, the signet ring, which represented high office and nobility, was adopted during the 20th century by a completely different category of men. Namely mobsters and thugs. These mainly wore the signet ring on the little finger. It was, preferably, a massive model in gold and precious stones. This is particularly visible in the trilogy The Godfather, in the series The Sopranos, in the film Casino, Goodfellas or even the latest Scorsese, The Irishman.

Today, the signet ring has a less sulphurous reputation. We can see it on the fingers of more recommendable people, for example Brad Pitt. It is therefore a popular choice for men who wish to wear a ring other than a wedding band.

The different types of signet rings

A signet ring is characterized by a large bezel. This is the head of the ring, namely the upper part of the ring. On a signet ring, the head maybe:

  • Either round (to imitate a traditional signet ring with seal)
  • Either rectangular (arranged lengthwise or widthwise)

It is not uncommon for the bezel to be set with a massive stone. For example, Bijoux4Men offers turquoise signet rings, onyx men's signet rings (black stone). But the men's ring can also be only silver, steel, gold, etc.

Why a signet ring for Father's Day?

The signet ring is a very masculine piece of men's jewelry that should appeal to any dad who enjoys wearing his wedding ring. There are models in the aristocratic, ethnic, refined, modern styles... So that whatever your father's style or preferences, you will find the signet ring that will fit him like a glove.

What if you make a mistake in size or judgment when ordering your Father's Day signet ring online? No problem with Bijoux4Men. The money-back guarantee protects you.

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