Pourquoi choisir l'argent sterling pour une bague homme ?

Why choose sterling silver for a men's ring?

From white gold to platinum, titanium and stainless steel, many metals can be considered when buying a men's ring.Whether it's to buy a new ring or as a gift for her man, you're spoiled for choice in terms of material. When it comes to men's jewelry, the choice is constantly expanding. Many different styles and materials are now offered. So finding the ideal men's jewelry shouldn't be very complicated. Minimalist ring, signet ring, ethnic ring, rock ring or biker... The choice is yours.

Silver men's ring: a wise choice

One of the things you will need to decide is the type of precious metal in your man's ring. There are different options that are likely to suit all tastes, preferences and budgets.

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From white gold and platinum to titanium and stainless steel, there are many alternatives available on the market. Another very popular choice is money. This metal has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. If you're considering buying a men's ring, here's what you need to know about the silver ring's strengths, as well as its flaws.

The advantages of a silver men's ring

What are the advantages of the men's silver ring? Why is it an excellent choice for a ring for him? Here are the main strengths of such a ring:

A versatile option

One of the advantages of sterling silver is that it is very versatile. When you choose gold as a precious metal, it nicely complements certain outfits and accessories. But he may not marry others. However, with silver, you have a metal that goes perfectly with everything. So if you're looking for a piece of jewelry that offers a high degree of versatility, this might just be the perfect choice.

Affordable silver men's ring

Another key advantage of silver is its very affordable price. Some precious metals can be extremely expensive. Not ideal for those on a budget. The price of silver may have doubled between March 2020 and 2021, at around $26 an ounce it remains much more attractive than gold (more than 1.$700 an ounce), for example.

With sterling silver, however, you get beautiful jewelry that's durable, visually appealing, and all without breaking the bank. This allows you to easily build your jewelry collection, or invest in a stunning piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

bague homme argent

An elegant metal

The appearance of money is another attractive factor. Its brilliant sheen makes it very pleasing to the eye. With sterling silver jewelry, you can enjoy an elegant and stylish finish. There is no big difference with a metal like platinum, which costs 50 times more in its raw state.

Silver is hypoallergenic

Many people can't stand certain jewelry because they suffer from allergies to certain metals. This can lead to skin problems. With certain harmful metals, used in cheap jewelry of poor quality, it can even cause health concerns. On the other hand, sterling silver is hypoallergenic. Which means you don't have to worry about reactions every time you wear your rings on your fingers.

The disadvantages of a silver ring

Now let's move on to the negatives of a men's silver ring. If there are, they are far fewer than the positives. And for some it might even be an advantage!

Silver oxidizes

metallic silver naturally darkens. This phenomenon is called oxidation. However, it is possible to maintain the shiny immaculate appearance of the silver ring by maintaining it. Some blackened models of silver men's rings are oxidized in the workshop to give them certain patterns. In this case it is not a problem. Even better, further oxidation makes it possible to personalize the silver ring.

If you want a jewel that does not require maintenance, it will be better to turn to a steel ring or a titanium ring.

Silver is relatively fragile

If you want to wear your ring every day and you know a manual profession, your silver ring is likely to be the victim of scratches. In that case, you might want to look to harder metals. There is notably steel or titanium. But the champion is tungsten. On the Mohs scale (0 to 10), which determines the hardness of materials, tungsten has a score of 9.5. Is barely less than the diamond, renowned for its unfailing solidity.

As an example, silver has a hardness rating of 3. That of steel is 5, of titanium 6.

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