Alighieri lance sa première collection de bijoux pour hommes

Alighieri launches its first jewelry collection for men

London-based jewelry brand Alighieri has just unveiled its first-ever collection of jewelry for men. Its launch comes 5 years after the creation of the brand in the British capital.

For the first pieces in the Alighieri collection, the jeweler was inspired by the major work of Dante Alighieri. Each jewel represented one of the 100 poems that make up Dante's Divine Comedy, the famous medieval work.

Men's jewelry inspired by Dante

For the first pieces in his Alighieri MEN collection, the jeweler continued to draw inspiration from Dante and his work. He notably offers a men's necklace with a "Leone" medallion, or the "Infernal Storm" necklace, which of course refers to hell. The collection has been dubbed "Relics".

Apart from the many references to Dante, the brand's red thread, Alighieri men's jewelery sports raw shapes reminiscent of old, even antique jewellery. imperfections are therefore in order. According to the brand, its jewelry should be worn as relics, talismans. They are particularly appreciated by artistic professions such as writers, musicians, actors, creatives.

More specific men's jewelry

The Alighieri style means that many of the jewels in its collections can be worn by both women and men. But, 5 years after its debut, the London brand wanted to position itself more specifically on the market for men's jewelry.

Most Alighieri men's jewelry is made of gold, more specifically gold-plated bronze. However, there are exceptions, which use sterling silver. As it stands, the collection mainly includes necklaces for men with pendants, as well as a few ringss. We will have to wait a bit for the bracelets.

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