Achat de bijoux en ligne : le pas est franchi avec moins d'hésitation

Buying jewelry online: the step is taken with less hesitation

While we have long been accustomed to buying books or devices online, it is less common for other product categories. In particular the clothing sector, given the impossibility of carrying out a fitting behind your screen. Or for jewelry, for the same reasons. However, this is changing. Here's why it's becoming increasingly common to buy jewelry online.

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Buying men's jewelry online: convenient and fast

Thanks to the development of technology, it is increasingly easy to have a vision that conforms to reality of the products we buy on the Internet. In addition, free product return policies help earn consumer trust. For example, when you purchase men's jewelry online at Bijoux4Men, you have 30 days to return the ring, bracelet or necklace. And without questions. It is sufficient that the product is not damaged, in its original packaging and accompanied by the invoice.

The jewelry industry has reinvented itself with the pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic still rages, the traditional jewelry sector, like many others, has not been spared the economic losses caused by the lockdowns. Germee Ronirose Abesamis, founder of Dearest, has explored in depth the possibilities offered by technology to better serve her customers. As a company that creates high quality custom jewelry, its priority is to make the pieces that its customers really want. And she thinks technology can help her do just that.

"We're building an AI-powered tool that will help people find the perfect engagement ring for their partner, " Abesamis said. “We gave it our team's collective knowledge of diamonds and gemstones, jewelry and style. In the future, we want to create a similar tool for women and men who buy jewelry for themselves so they can create their dream piece. »


Abesamis, who lived in Vicenza, Italy's jewelry capital, said the process helps with responsible consumption, while actually helping their customers understand what they want. It promotes sustainability by having "zero waste" production. This economic model allows the company to create only according to demand. So far, Dearest has had no feedback, which proves that customers are satisfied.

With everything you can do online today, Abesamis has made their business mobile. Before the pandemic, she was based in the UK. She returned to the Philippines to be close to her family. She said when things improve she plans to expand the business in the UK.

Jewellery that can be bought from anywhere, and is created anywhere

With a team spread across the globe, Abesamis takes her business with her. She creates anywhere, while master craftsmen from the Philippines and Italy make the men's or women's rings themselves. E-commerce is also a major tool in its business. Thanks to the Internet, its clientele is global.

"Things haven't really changed on our end, we've always been an online jewelry business, " she said. “It's the customers who have changed. They no longer have apprehensions when it comes to buying a ring worth several thousand euros without having seen anyone. Of course, they have to trust the brand enough to take the plunge.

Dearest will launch a new engagement ring collection and also has a patent pending registration regarding one of its innovations which the company says “ will revolutionize the jewelry industry: a digital ring sizer, so customers can determine their exact ring size, wherever they are.»

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