À Roland-Garros, même les hommes soignent leur look

At Roland-Garros, even the men take care of their look

A meeting place for clay court enthusiasts from all over the world, the Rolland Garros tournament has established itself over the years as the event not to be missed. But beyond the high-flying matches, Roland Garros is also a style contest where immaculate shirts and other branded polo shirts compete in the stands . Moreover, having become a place of worldliness where many stars and people appear, the famous tennis tournament is today an extremely upscale event where it is better to come in style. And that, these gentlemen have understood! Indeed, far, very far from the total Adidas look, this 2018 edition is definitely the benchmark for men who take particular care of their look. Something to make Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal jealous.

Top-of-the-range polo shirts and basketball: star of the stands at Rolland Garros

Even if in the stands of Rolland Garros, the dress code is less intransigent than at other social events, this 2018 edition nevertheless confirms to us how much men are today concerned about their appearance even to squat the bleachers. Indeed, on the occasion of the internationals of France, many succumb by breaking the bank for an outfit from a big brand. Top-of-the-range polo shirts like Lacoste or even Ralph Lauren, they no longer hesitate to pay the high price to make their outfit tasty. In addition, like in previous years, the men present around this 2018 edition work their pace brilliantly.

And the bottom in all this?

Chinos or bermudas combined with a basic white t-shirt or the iconic piqué polo shirt and trendy it-accessories, their look is in no way inferior to the stars of clay. For once, the Grand Slam style is slowly giving way to sporty chic looks. The opportunity therefore for these gentlemen to match their most beautiful sports accessories with more casual clothes and to electrify the pupils with outfits in dapper colors, but well chosen. At the foot, J trainers.M Weston latest edition for a distinguished look. And at a time when the sun has dropped off its suitcases at Rolland Garros, many of them do not hesitate to adopt the Panama hat which remains the flagship object of the tournament this year again. One thing is certain, Rolland Garros is a real HQ for men's fashion addicts.

What look to adopt for Rolland Garros 2018?

As you probably know, don't go to a Rolland Garros match. Given the (dare we say it) exorbitant price of the entrance ticket, Rolland Garros is the so chic, so cool event of the season. Reason why, it is out of the question to dress anyhow.

For a casual yet stylish look, recommend a polo shirt from the crocodile brand. On the other hand, if you want a bit of subtle elegance, you can of course opt for a pretty denim shirt. Above all, remember to unbutton one or two buttons to give your outfit more cachet. At the bottom, exit the white, opt instead for gray jeans or light-colored chinos. As for shoes, a pair of city sneakers will do the trick. And above all, don't forget the accessories and men's jewelry! A pretty leather bracelet or twisted fabric or even a small wooden bead necklace will bring a whole new dimension to your look.

Our latest tips

Finally, remember that we are in the summer period. The sun can therefore hit very hard in the stands. To avoid ultraviolet overdose, it is always recommended to protect yourself well with sunscreen. And above all, don't forget your pairs of sunglasses that are well suited to the shape of your face. On the other hand, as the weather can play up, we advise you to always come with a light jacket, such as a bomber jacket or a blazer.

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