À la recherche d’un cadeau original, osez le bijou pour homme !

Looking for an original gift, dare to wear men's jewelry!

You already gave him a nice personalized sweatshirt last year on his birthday. At Christmas, he was spoiled with a geek toy - obviously a preview! This time, you don't know what gift to give your man. And why not give her a piece of jewelry? Feminine gift, you say, but not at all! Men also love jewelry and it's not kitsch. But before rushing on a particular model, it is essential to make the right choice to avoid disappointment when opening your little surprise package.

Giving a Jewel to a Man: What You Need to Know

Choosing jewelry for men should not be taken lightly. Here is everything you need to know before buying a piece of jewelry for men.

Each jewel has its meaning

You are probably wondering what would be the ideal piece of jewelery to give to a man. What we can tell you is that it is first essential to know the meaning of each jewel to avoid any misunderstanding.

Giving a man a ring means that you love him with a sincere and deep love. On the other hand, if you want to offer a ring as a gift to a man without spreading this message of attachment and belonging, turn to the signet ring. Be careful, it often happens that this has a negative connotation since it would be a sign of "nobility". It is therefore wiser to bet on the ethnic ring, synonymous with strength and virility.

Have you decided to offer jewelry for men a bracelet? It is a very good idea, because it is a democratic jewel. What is more, he is popular with men. In addition, the bracelet represents strength and power. If the jewel is intended for a member of your family, opt for a bracelet. If the bracelet is for a friend, respect their tastes and look so that they are ready to wear it every day.

The necklace is a fairly neutral jewel. No particular meaning! It is available for any occasion and for any man. This jewel is chosen in line with the passion, preferences and style of the person to whom you intend to offer it.

Which jewel for which man?

Is he the man of your life? Give him a necklace, or better a precious metal chain. As for the ring, it will be offered the day you slip it the double of your apartment key. If you want to give a jewel to your brother or your father, the bracelet is ideal.

Ring, bracelet, necklace. the models to offer to a man

Now that you know all about jewelry, let's see what the current jewelry trends for men are.

As for bracelets.

Leather bracelets are unanimous among men. Especially the strength bracelet and the braided leather bracelet. The current trend is the anchor bracelet for a nautical look ready to set sail. There is also the beaded bracelet in wood or stone seen on the wrists of celebrities like the ultra sexy Ian Somerhalder. Without forgetting the tribal ring.

Forever ring!

Rings at the forefront of the trend at the moment? The skull and crossbones signet ring or lion's head. For more sobriety and practicality, stainless steel rings which are also hypoallergenic are also very fashionable.

Necklaces not to be missed

At the top of the list, there is the metal chain with a pendant steeped in history. A shark tooth pendant, for example, will go perfectly with an experienced surfer. A necklace with military plates will delight men who love everything that revolves around militarism. As for the black shambala-style beaded necklace, it is displayed on all the necks of men at the forefront of the trend.

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