À la découverte de GLD, le Nike des bijoux homme

Discovering GLD, the Nike of men's jewelry

The younger generations are changing society. Today, young Americans aspire to live a high standard of living while adopting elegant stylistic codes that nevertheless allow them to stand out. This upheaval means that new brands are appearing. Houses that do not hesitate to break the codes.

In addition, technological progress allows the emergence of small houses capable of offering cheap jewelry with a very short production cycle. This allows them to really listen to demand. Among the companies following this trajectory, there is GLD. This manufacturer of men's jewelry has thoroughly reviewed the traditional business model of its sector and its creative strategy in order to be better in tune with consumer needs.

collier homme GLD

GLD's story

GLD's story began in Pittsburgh with 2 childhood friends, Christian Johnston and Dan Folger. Two young people who became friends at school and who shared a taste for street life and its fashion. Without any training in business administration or fashion, they created a brand that aimed to speak to people, to create a own identity. When GLD was born, the goal was to take inspiration from the street culture of Pittsburgh to create men's jewelry that inspires.

Started in the basement of a suburban US city home, GLD is now an international brand followed by millions of Instagram users. The company has now moved to Miami.

What differentiates GLD men's jewelry

GLD is not afraid to do things differently. One of his most original, yet brilliant marketing strategies is to give away 5 checks for 1 each month.$000 to the most beautiful photos published on Instagram that showcase the brand's necklaces, men's bracelets or rings. More traditionally, GLD has been able to obtain the support of leading celebrities such as Carmelo Anthony, ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa or Paul Pogba.

The marketing, they kind of learned it on the street. When they were teenagers, the 2 founders of the brand cycled around Pittsburgh and filmed everything they did and saw. It was an excellent school, because it was directly on Instagram that they began to sell their jewelry, staging them in Pittsburgh after investing 1 each.$000 Initially they sold jewelry purchased in New York. They then found jewelers to make their own line of GLD men's jewelry. Their website was then created.

bijou homme GLD (bracelet)

Today, more than a line of jewelry, the 2 entrepreneurs represent a philosophy of life. By buying their jewelry, customers appropriate part of this lifestyle. More than an ornament, these jewelry for men represent a real lifestyle. Also, being 2 kids from an American city suburb, many customers can relate to them. Find inspiration in their work.

Quality men's jewelry at a reduced price

When the 2 young men in their twenties are asked the recipe for their success, they say quality at the best price. “We are able to offer entry-level men's jewelry of a quality unmatched by the competition. We think it's hard to find the same quality at the best price anywhere on the planet. But we are also capable of making fully customized parts at 150.$000 for those who want it, for celebrities like ASAP Rocky. We did some crazy stuff, " Christian Johnston said.


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