6 mythes à balayer à propos de la mode homme

6 Myths to Bust About Men's Fashion

We tend to think that men's fashion is a simpler subject than women's fashion. Being more restrictive, there are fewer questions to ask. This is a first misconception. First of all, men are paying more and more attention to their appearance. Secondly, it is up to the male sex to decide whether or not to impose stylistic constraints on themselves. While progress is being made in this area, far too many men still allow themselves to be swayed by menswear myths.

If there's one sector where misconceptions abound, it's this one! In this article, we invite you to discover 6 myths to sweep away as soon as possible about men's fashion.

1. The tie is essential when the dress code is formal

Many men still think that a tie is a must when the dress code is formal. This is an old rule that no longer really applies. If the tie can add style to a conventional look, it is no longer essential.

You can either replace it with a bow tie or get rid of it. You'll look much better with an impeccable suit and a quality shirt than with poor quality clothes and a tie.

2. Floral prints are to be avoided

Flowers, like pink (we'll get to that, by the way), are considered a typically feminine element. It would not do to wear men's clothing with floral prints. This is totally wrong: this style is also very fashionable at the moment, whether for bow ties, shirts, etc.

noeud papillon floral

3. Matching the color of shoes and belt is mandatory

We often hear that it is absolutely necessary to choose a belt of the same color as your shoes (or vice versa). This is again an outdated rule that no longer has any place in the 21st century. You won't make a mistake by following it. But the rule is more permissive: these 2 accessories must be matched, whether they are the same color or different tones.

The secret is in the difference in tone: it shouldn't be too strong or too similar. With the right mix, a different color of shoes and belt gives you that little something extra.

4. Do not wear jewelry or accessories

A big fashion myth is that a stylish man should have a minimum of accessories, so don't wear jewellery. However, assuming that this rule is valid, we can very well accessorize while remaining sober.

Why would a stylish men's bracelet on the other wrist of the watch, or in replacement of it, be a fault of style? In recent years, we have seen more and more personalities happily wearing jewellery for men. They are being imitated by a growing number of people like you and me. Of course, you don't have to wear jewelry if you don't feel comfortable with a necklace around your neck or a ring on your finger. But to hesitate under the pretext that it is not done is to succumb to a myth of menswear that is in the process of jumping.

5. No pink clothes on a man

For reasons that are difficult to explain, pink is considered a feminine color, it is the color of girls. Either, assuming that this is true, the counterpart of this is that blue is the color of boys. Does that mean women don't wear blue? This is of course not the case, because we are no longer babies.

Having said that, why can't men wear pink? It is a beautiful color, very fresh, which suits both women and men. We have also seen more and more pink men's clothing appear. Of course, there will always be a handful of diehards who claim that only gays wear pink. Let them talk, you can be both manly and wear pink.

6. Opt for loose cuts

We sometimes hear that men should opt for clothes with a loose fit, the famous loose fit. This rule, which is not a rule, totally ignores a much more important commandment. Namely, to choose clothes cut for your morphology and with which you feel comfortable.

The cut of the garment aims to highlight the parts of your body that you want to highlight, or to hide those that are less advantageous. There is no need to follow the fashion of the moment in terms of cut if it does not suit you.

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