6 Ice : des bijoux pour les hommes qui aiment le bling-bling

6 Ice: jewelry for men who love bling

A new Canadian company is trying to revolutionize the sector of hip-hop men's jewelry. The gold chains, bling bracelets, earrings and awe-inspiring watches that are all the rage in street culture, often at high prices, are now affordable.

6 Ice is changing the rules of the game by offering fashionable urban jewelry in high quality certified materials that are designed to exceed the quality of competitors, and without breaking the bank.

The story of 6 Ice men's jewelry

6 Ice, whose founder immigrated from his native Turkey to Toronto, Canada, named his company after his Canadian roots. Toronto is often referred to as “The 6”. This nickname was made famous by rapper Drake's famous song, "Know Yourself". It has its origins in the six ancient cities that came together to create the Canadian city of Toronto.

The 'Ice' part of the 6 Ice name of course refers to the wide range of rap-inspired jewelry the line offers for men. 6 Ice wants to do its part by contributing to the hip-hop community that it values ​​so much. That's why it offers a wide range of men's jewelry that commands attention, all at a fair price and without sacrificing quality.

6 Ice prides itself on its certification and manufacturing processes that meet the highest quality standards and measures.So much so that all his men's jewelery is guaranteed for life. Has your necklace or bracelet tarnished? It will be replaced free of charge. What more could you ask for?

The house's involvement in the street culture community is another reason why 6 Ice has quickly found success. For example, they have an Instagram contest every month. The 5 winners each receive 1.$000. Moreover, they even offer an affiliate program that allows participants to earn a commission on the sales generated.

How 6 Ice differs from other men's jewelry brands

6 Ice men's jewelry makes fashion-forward street style more affordable. But what sets them apart from other men's jewelry brands is their desire to make high quality pieces at the lowest possible price.

They offer jewelry in yellow and white gold plated, in vermeil, but also in solid gold. The gold plated bracelets have 5 layers of 18 carat gold, which is the highest quality plating method on the market. This process means that this gold plated jewelry will last longer and be more durable than the majority of other gold plated men's jewelry.

All materials used to make 6 Ice jewelry are certified 14 or 18 karat gold, 0.925 sterling silver and genuine rhodium. In addition, they are in full compliance with the rules of the Federal Trade Commission and the Jewelry Vigilance Committee. For these men's jewels to be inexpensive, 6 Ice ignores diamonds. They use zirconias that really look like a real diamond.

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Also personalized men's jewelry

6 Ice even offers quality personalized men's jewelry, so you can truly express your unique personality. You can choose your own text for a bling-bling personalized men's chain or have one of your own photos placed inside a unique pendant. In the range there are also men's bracelets with personalized capital letters to carry the name of a loved one in a trendy and super fresh way.

Choose from dozens of custom men's pendant options, then select your chain style, size, and material. You can choose to wear your personalized pendant on a gold plated, vermeil or solid gold chain.

Certified materials with lifetime warranty

When a company offers a lifetime warranty on its products, it must necessarily produce quality. 6 Ice offers 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty for every item. It is possible to exchange your part if it breaks, is damaged or discolors during normal use. Moreover, 6 Ice has not forgotten the ladies! This brand makes it possible to find pieces for him as well as for her.

Hip-hop men's jewelry

6 Ice lets you proudly show off your love of hip-hop and street culture through quality cheap men's jewelry. From chains to watches, including men's rings, bracelets and personalized pendants, the house offers a complete collection. Plus, the fact that they also have items for women means 6 Ice can set itself up as a couple's go-to supplier.

Photo credit: 6 Ice

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