5 accessoires de mode indispensables pour les entrepreneurs et les cadres

5 must-have fashion accessories for entrepreneurs and executives

fashion, whether masculine or feminine, makes it possible to achieve a variety of objectives. It can be an expression of his personality, or show his belonging to a group. A entrepreneur is not going to dress like a hip-hop star, and vice versa for that matter. Each group has its codes, that of bosses and executives is no exception to this rule. How to be stylish and on-trend when you're a decision maker? Here's the answer in our article titled 5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Entrepreneurs and Executives.

The watch

We could have classified the watch, like sunglasses, in the category of utilitarian accessories. However, given the emergence of the smartphone, no one needs a timepiece to know the time (and be on time) anymore. Has it become outdated, the watch? On the contrary! It's more than ever the male accessory par excellence. A kind of great men's bracelet that adds a touch of sophistication to your look. Houses like Rolex perpetuate this tradition of precision and luxury. Even if, today, many men don't even take the time to wind their watch when it's mechanical...


Before the invention of cufflinks, men used small ribbons. When they first appeared, cufflinks were an opportunity for the higher socio-professional categories to display their status, to display a sophisticated look.

Today, cufflinks are far from outdated. Despite the rise in popularity of jewellery for men, it remains a safe method to enhance your look. There are even sober cufflinks that have been designed to be worn with more versatile clothes, they are not reserved only for special occasions. At the office or in the evening, it is quite possible, for example.

Bow tie

Dropping the tie is more and more tolerated. But what if you're not a fan of this men's accessory and you meet important clients? Not every company has the same dress codes. If it's the dangling nature of the tie that bothers you, you can very well replace it with a bow tie. It is used for special occasions, so you cannot be blamed for a neglected outfit. The bow tie, on the other hand, is more original than the tie. The bow tie is therefore perfect for staying on the edge of the nails of conformity. It is therefore an essential accessory for entrepreneurs and executives who want to express a somewhat different personality.


Whether it's driving your company car, or waiting in an airport hall whose bay window floods it with sunlight, a good pair of sunglasses is essential for everything self-respecting boss or manager. This masculine accessory obviously fulfills a utilitarian role. But for a decision-maker, sunglasses allow him to add an additional cool look to his outfit. Raybans are a classic, but most luxury brands have a large collection of sunglasses.

The bangle

The look of a CEO or a senior executive must, in general, respect rather rigid rules. Namely suit, shirt, dress shoes, sobriety must be in order. There are of course exceptions, especially in technology start-ups. But this is the exception that proves the rule.

With such a status, you can't wear just any men's bracelet, but the sobriety of a beautiful silver or polished steel bangle goes perfectly with a shirt. Moreover, if his sleeves are long, the rush will only appear occasionally.A men's bangle is therefore an ideal choice for men with corporate responsibilities.

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