10 marques de bijoux hommes qui ont établi leur popularité

10 Men's Jewelry Brands That Have Established Their Popularity

For centuries, men had to make do with very few accessories, namely watches and wedding bands. Fortunately, those days are over as men accessorize without complexes. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings… if these jewels have always been worn by men, they were confined to marginal circles. Today, anyone can wear a men's bracelet or a ring without passing for an original. We are firmly in the mass adoption phase of men's jewelry.

While we mainly owe this state of affairs to a change in the mentality of men, it is also due to the appearance of an offer adapted to everyone's tastes. Today, a man who wishes to acquire a necklace is no longer limited to the massive chains of rappers, for example. There are many brands of men's jewelry that offer pieces that can be easily worn on a daily basis, whether with a sporty outfit or a suit and tie. Jewelry in precious metals or leather, wooden beads or paracord, there is something for every budget and above all for every taste.

The men's jewelery offer in 2019 is so vast that everyone will be able to find their style, pieces that reflect their personality and their tastes. Here are some brands that have contributed to the rise of this masculine accessory. Do not hesitate to browse our online store to discover some examples.


How not to start this list with the famous American men's jewelry brand Miansai, which was one of the pioneers in the sector. Or in any case who has largely contributed to their popularization thanks to a fine selection of necklaces, bracelets and rings that are refined, modern, sophisticated and minimalist.

Henkö Paris

Henkö Paris is a men's jewelry brand that stands out for its minimalist pieces with ethnic influences. The house notably produces magnificent bangles in silver-plated brass (sometimes set with precious stones) at very attractive prices. These chameleon bracelets can be worn in any circumstance, sometimes with a distinguished outfit, sometimes in a casual dress style.

Emanuele Bicocchi

This Italian designer specializing in men's jewelry is from Florence. He therefore does not hesitate to draw on the Gothic influences of his hometown to create his rings, men's bracelets and necklaces particularly appreciated by rockers and bikers. Skulls and Christian cross jewelry are the hallmark of Emanuele Bicocchi jewelry, which works in both silver and gold.

By Olivier Lafond

By Olivier Lafond is a French men's jewelry brand based in the city of the Popes, in Avignon. Although it offers a wide range of men's bracelets, it is particularly famous for its cord bracelets (paracord bracelet) and the use of rhodium silver. Pieces that are particularly pleasant to wear during the summer season, but not only. Ideal to complete a sporty and/or casual look.

All Blues

The men's jewelery brand All Blues is already more than 10 years old. Created in 2008 in Stockholm, this Swedish brand somehow applies the recipes of Swedish design to the world of men's jewelry. Namely simple and elegant lines that catch the eye.


With the German men's jewelry house Caï-Men, there is no ambiguity about positioning: if unisex is in vogue, this brand plays the card of masculinity . This is why she favors raw materials such as leather and silver. Dagger, skull and cross are some of the designs that you are likely to find on Caï-Men jewelry for men.

The Gram

Le Gramme, a French brand named after the famous unit of measurement, offers ultra-minimalist jewelry that uses the precious metals of silver and gold . Each part is named according to its weight. It offers bangles, but also more atypical men's accessories, such as silver key rings. Very pretty, but they come at a price!


Are you the adventurous type, a man who likes to explore the smallest corners of Tibet, Peru or Burma? Then the Kalapurna jewelry will fit you like a glove! But you don't have to be a traveler at heart to appreciate the brand's men's pearl bracelets. It is particularly famous for its packs of leather bracelets and pearls that are both sober and complex. Casual chic, modern and spiritual style, these jewels created in Lyon are a great success thanks to their attractive design and a very interesting price-quality ratio.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a men's jewelry brand from Norway. It stands out for its collections of timeless jewelry that are both masculine and unisex. Chains with pendants, silver bracelets and signet rings are some of the house's most popular pieces.

Goodwood NYC

The succinct description of Goodwood NYC can be found in its name: who would have believed it, it is a New York City house specializing in wooden men's jewelry. It therefore offers men's wooden bead necklaces of the rosary type as well as beaded bracelets of the type Tibetan bracelets. Not only are these men's jewels cheap, they are handmade! Goodwood NYC has attracted celebrities such as Kanye West and Snoop Doggy Dog.

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