10 leçons à retenir des hommes les plus fashion

10 lessons to learn from the most fashionable men

It's a fact. Men don't have an innate sense of fashion, though. For most of us, highlighting our figure while remaining comfortable is a real Chinese headache. But as they say, you learn from your mistakes. However, a few nudges would be welcome. Celebrity tips for finding YOUR style.

1- A fitted cut for the top and bottom

Unless you're a hip-hop star, baggy style isn't the best. To avoid fashion faux pas, choose pieces in your size. A well-cut jacket, preferably in leather or denim, over a white round-neck t-shirt, pants that are neither too big nor too small, also in raw denim or chinos. For shoes, chelsea boots and moccasins are best. In another register, white sneakers are safe bets.Jeff Goldblum, the star of "The Fly" and "Jurassic Park" proves to us that with adjusted clothes and chosen with taste, one can be attractive at 20, 30 or 60 years old. Like what, fashion is not a question of age, but of style.

2- Easy-to-wear colors to stay classy in all circumstances

If color is key for a fresh and invigorating look, nothing beats the class of black, navy blue, brown, beige, gray. These timeless colors have the gift of being suitable for all body types. Moreover, they remain popular to attend a ceremony or during a job interview, for example. However, avoid the color block, even if it is one of the trends of the moment. An exception for the blazer and straight or slim pants. A 100% masculine and modern look.

3- Reworked casual chic style

For decades, this kind of look has been a hit with fashion designers. Famous London model Oliver Cheshire got it right. And swear by basics to create a confident look. A polo shirt always gives style, as does the essential white shirt. But to stand out, you have to rethink casual chic. Say goodbye to overly serious outfits, add some elaborate pieces and elegant accessories: watches, men's jewelry, etc. That's masculine sophistication.

4- The costume in all its forms

Colorful or sober, the suit remains a safe bet for a workwear look or a dressy evening. Provided you choose it well. Like Donald Glover, dare to wear a hyper-coloured fitted suit to wear with a tie knot or simply to stand out. Another option, the double-breasted suit. Very trendy in the 1980s and 1990s, it made a strong comeback and dressed well-built men as well as slim waists. The chic with the double-breasted jacket is that it goes very well with jeans or chinos, for example. And it is not David Gandy who will tell us the opposite. Besides, you can choose to stay informal by not wearing a tie.

5- Small doses of print

A wind of spontaneity is blowing across the human planet with prints. Like Zayn Malik, the former singer of One Direction, surf the wave of prints. Shirt, t-shirt, vest, jacket. or suit with striped or checked prints like Harry Styles, you can dare anything. One golden rule: no overbidding. Too many prints kill the print. To avoid making a style mistake, choose a centerpiece, the rest must be sober.

6- Clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Having style also means feeling good in your clothes. Wear a carefully chosen flagship piece that fits you like a glove and build your look around it. Ryan Gosling proves to us that there is no need to follow fashion or spend a fortune to have style. Indeed, the American actor is known for his improbable looks, and yet so classy, ​​which always match the circumstances.

7- . And blend with your complexion

For a 100% hype look, match your clothes to the color of your skin. Any modder will tell you that. The choice of the colors of his clothes should not be the result of chance. Besides, knowing how to match colors shows how much you are a man of taste. It's also the best way to avoid looking sick or pale. Because yes, even a beautiful piece can ruin your look if the color does not make you stand out.

8- Layering is good

Layering or layering clothes is the new trend that has people panicking. It has a knack for energizing and punching even the dullest outfit for a casual look. Provided you master it well. When layering, always start from lighter to simpler, and thinner to thicker. In addition, here too, you must be parsimony. Three or four layers of clothing are sufficient at the risk of looking like a bibendum. Remember, less is more.

Warning, even if layering and prints are the trends of the moment, you should never layer two printed garments.

9- Style is a series of experiments and failures

No one is born stylish. You often have to experiment with many looks to find yours. One that reflects your personality and defines your self. Because there is nothing worse than following fashion and feeling like a different person. As Timothée Chalamet says so well, dare to take risks. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next fashion addict that all modders will follow.

10- Jewelry, accessories to adopt

Jewellery is the fashion accessory that can make the difference. On a casual or formal look, a leather or steel bracelet always has its place. The golden rule when wearing men's jewelry is to avoid overdoing it. Either you wear bracelets or you choose a necklace. Never both. On the other hand, you can dare stacking. You can even wear a thin bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. Class!

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