10 conseils pour porter le nœud papillon comme un pro

10 tips for wearing the bow tie like a pro

The bow tie, while not new, has completely conquered a place of choice in the world of men's clothing. Appearing during the Prussian wars of the 17th century, it has survived the centuries and survived fashions. And if its popularity has fluctuated, it is now (re)propelled to the front of the stage.

The bow tie can take many forms. It can be an accessory elegant or quirky. However, apart from gala ceremonies where it is almost compulsory, the bow tie is a vehicle for expressing your personality, your sense of aesthetics and your character. But how best to use it? Here are our 10 tips for wearing the bow tie like a pro.

1. Tie your bow tie

Pre-tied bow ties are recommended for getting started. But if you really want to take things seriously, get a classic self-tie bow tie. Pre-tied models certainly have their place in your wardrobe. But if you want to become a bow tie pro, you'll have to learn how to tie yourself. Wearing the classic version of this masculine accessory will take you straight to a whole new level. And if you don't know how to do it, lots of tutorials are available on the net.

2. Matching your bow tie to the rest of your outfit: a question of balance

Sober or colorful bow tie, it doesn't matter: anything can work as long as the ensemble is balanced. Want to wear a bone bow tieé? In this case, opt for a simple shirt to avoid overloading. And if you opt for a plain bow tie, you will choose a slightly more cheerful shirt. Style is always a matter of balance.

3. Don't aim for perfection

Learning to tie a bow tie will take some time and practice. But there is something that should reassure you: when it comes to this accessory, the perfect knot is the one that isn't! A well-tied bow tie has a small asymmetry. Its virtue lies in its imperfections! In Italy, this is called the sprezzatura. This word, which can be translated into French as nonchalance, defines a kind of skilfully thought-out negligence in order to give the illusion of ease.

This state of mind applies perfectly to the bow tie, an elegantly rebellious accessory.

4. Know when not to wear a bow tie

Men's accessory by definition a catch-all, it's hard to find circumstances that don't lend themselves to wearing a bow tie. Of course, wearing a flowery bow tie to a funeral is definitely inappropriate. But so would a tie that's too cheerful, so it's more a matter of form than substance. In general, when wearing a tie is justified, a bow tie can be worn. And in the opposite case, there is a good chance that the bow tie will pass while the tie is readjusted. Indeed, the bow tie can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit. This is its great advantage.

5. When to wear a bow tie

Here are some occasions when there is no debate about the propriety of wearing a bow tie:

  • Wedding, communion, birthday, etc.
  • In the office : whether your work environment imposes a tie or not, the bow tie has its place in the professional setting
  • At the restaurant
  • On the occasion of a religious service

6. Choosing the right material for your bow tie

In addition to the pattern, the material also plays a big role in the categorization of the bow tie (casual to dressy and everything in between). For formal events, we will rather opt for silk and wool. For more mundane occasions, linen, cotton or crepon are more common. Although, as with every rule there are always exceptions.

7. Choosing the right bow tie shape

Also know that bow ties come in many shapes and sizes. Pointed, slim, oversize… This choice will be dictated by many parameters such as your morphology, the collar of your shirt, the opportunity…

8. Tag The Celebrities Who Love Bow Ties

When you join the bow tie club, you're in good company. Many celebrities love this accessory, some have even made it their trademark. Winston Churchill, James Bond, Fred Astaire, Stromae. Leave their assurance and their aura will rub off on you.

9. Use your bow tie to break the ice

In the evening, it is sometimes difficult to start the conversation. The bow tie is a perfect subject to break the ice. In addition, it seems that this accessory makes men more accessible, even if no scientific study has demonstrated this assertion, let alone explained it.

10. You're cool wearing a bow tie, don't forget it

And to finish this list: remember that wearing a bow tie is cool. Let this feature of this accessory win your mindset!

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