10 (bonnes) raisons de porter un nœud papillon

10 (good) reasons to wear a bow tie

Long marginalized or used in a burlesque way, the bow tie is in the process of obtaining its letters of nobility. Over the past few years, it has become an essential accessory in any self-respecting man wardrobe. But why succumb to fashion? Here are 10 good reasons to wear a bow tie.

1. To stand out

First of all, wearing a bow tie allows you to stand out, to be different. While it's completely natural to wear a bow tie to a wedding or for an occasion such as an important evening, it will cause a stir during less mundane events.

2. To imitate great men

Some great men didn't wait for the fashion for the bow tie to get started. Winston Churchill, for example, was known for never undoing his bow tie. Closer to us in time and from a geographical point of view, we can also cite the Belgian politician Elio Di Rupo or the singer Stromae.

3. The bow tie, ideal for breaking the ice

There's nothing like a bow tie to break the ice. This accessory still considered atypical can help you attract attention, and quickly become a topic of conversation that can lead to much more interesting things later...

4. Add a touch of whimsy to an austere look

Are you told that your tough appearance can be intimidating or even repulsive to someone who doesn't know you? The men's bow tie will allow you to add a touch of fantasy to your look, to convey a friendlier, less serious and, in short, more engaging image.

5. You can afford more with a bow tie

For ordinary mortals, wearing a bow tie demonstrates a certain originality, even stylistic bravery, perhaps encouraged by a borderline personality. You will therefore be forgiven for much more. Unleash your inner frosty artist by getting into the bow tie!

6. Endless possibilities to express your personality

The tie usually remains on the bands of classicism in terms of patterns, colors. Well, it is possible to find beautiful kitsch ties like Mickey Mouse, but what about a floral and colorful pattern? The bow tie comes in countless variations, each more original than the next.

7. Because wearing a bow tie is cool

Simply :)

8. To be able to adjust it

A bow tie tends to move around. It's beautiful, because it allows you to adjust it regularly. This gesture can also become a signature, the culmination of an action, an emphasis: for example when you have just finished saying something very intelligent, as often happens to you, or that you are complimenting a lady. The class.

9. To pretend you know how to tie a bow tie

Let's not lie: the cheap bow ties we sell online on Bijoux4Men are headband, which means you won't have to tie. Either to carry out an operation that is probably too complicated for the average male (like a sailor's knot, we have taken a simple example below so as not to spoil your day), or enough to dissuade him from wearing a bow tie. Well, if you wear a shirt with a narrow collar it could show. It's up to you to be skilled in maintaining the illusion...


A blow down, to the left, in the loop, back up. a Nurofen?

10. To become knowledgeable about scotch, cricket and casino games

Believe it or not, by wearing a bow tie you become a de facto member of a family that shares common points, namely a taste for scotch, dandy sports like cricket or even casino games . Your knowledge of these subjects is probably insufficient: go to Wikipedia to refine them so as not to dishonor your new family.

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