Comment choisir et porter sa ceinture ?

How to choose and wear your belt?

A must-have accessory for trendy men, belts are the ultimate way to style or perfect your look. Not only does it structure your silhouette, but it also sets the tone for your style while giving your look a twist in the blink of an eye. It is therefore unthinkable to neglect this must have. However, although wearing a belt may seem trivial for most men, it is not always easy to choose one that really flatters you. So how do you choose and wear your belt? Follow the guide!

The most important thing: the material

Obviously, the first thing you should think about when buying a belt is undoubtedly the material used to make it. Indeed, this criterion of choice is intimately linked to the style of outfit that you will adopt. As a general rule, leather is best suited for special occasions or more strict dress codes. Moreover, this material when it is of quality and well worked brings a good dose of class and virility. As you will have understood, the real quality of a leather belt will depend greatly on the leather used. With this in mind, opt for a belt in full-grain, vegetable-tanned calfskin or cowhide. It will be more resistant and will offer a beautiful patina with age.

In a more relaxed context, the choice of material is freer and allows for more eccentricity. Nevertheless, whatever material you choose, it is important to always bet on quality at the risk of discrediting your look and appearing cheap.

Size: a criterion not to be overlooked

Gone are the days of the utility belt to hold up your pants. Moreover, from a stylistic point of view, pants that fit your size do not need to be maintained. Today, this must-have has risen to the rank of a fashion accessory in its own right to give you a hyped look for any occasion. Thus, just like jewelry, it is important to choose it according to your morphology and your build. Ideally, the width of your belt should be between 2.5 and 4 cm. However, for more casual outfits, you can easily opt for a 4 or even 5 cm wide belt. However, if you have a small frame, it is better to bet on a thinner belt so as not to break your silhouette and pack you in even more.

As for the length, you must ensure that the total length between the buckle and the central hole of your belt fits your waist perfectly. In most cases, this is the third hole in your belt. That way, in the event of a change in morphology, you still have a margin of adjustment in one direction or the other.

Small clarification: for low-rise pants, you need to know your pelvis circumference.

What about the color?

When choosing your belt, remember that it's a fashion accessory. In other words, it is there to give punch to your outfit. Of course, the color of your belt will also be chosen according to your look. On a casual look, you can give free rein to your desires. To brighten up your look, do not hesitate to play on the color palettes by opting for tone on tone. If you are a bit daring, you can even turn to dapper colors and contrasts. In short, when it comes to mixing and matching colors, there is no real rule. It all depends on your tastes.

On the other hand, for a classy look, it is better to choose neutral and less flashy colors to let the attention be focused on your suit. This will also save you from bad taste and fashion faux pas. Usually, it will be chosen in the same color as your shoes. Failing that, always be sure to bring a dial tone reminder.

The safe bet: the brown or black leather belt.

The loop: the killer detail

As you may have noticed, there are two main categories of men's belts. Namely, the formal belt that you will wear in a more dressy register and the casual belt that is worn every day in order to give yourself style. Thus, in the same way as the color and the material, the buckle is also to be chosen according to your outfit. And for good reason, it plays an important role in your appearance. And can downright demolish your look if it is poorly chosen.

As a result, when you're in a suit and tie, sobriety and simplicity remain the watchwords. It will therefore be discreet and above all without any visible mark. Preferably, choose it according to the accessories you are going to wear. As for the shape, only the rectangular buckle is allowed for a classy look or a business outfit.

On the other hand, for a more casual outfit or a casual chic look, you can afford more madness. However, remember that when it comes to style, it's all about the dosage. This means that the buckle must be proportional to the size of your belt. Likewise, in order not to fall into “too much”, allow yourself only one fantasy at a time.

Style lesson on how to properly wear your belt

That's it, you finally master all the parameters to take into account to choose THE belt that will make your neighbor green with envy. Now it's time to buckle up properly to show off. First, know that your belt should be neither too wide nor too tight. It may make you uncomfortable in your clothes. Then, it shouldn't be too high either, just a little close on your hips and it's perfect. Voila, you have a distinguished look!

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