Men's Bracelet: What's New

If 2017 is the year of "anything goes" when it comes to jewelry for men, as the holidays approach bracelets become less imposing, but still as stylish.

Indeed, the bracelets are more elegant and feature a classic design with clean, slim lines, ideal for standing out during the end-of-year celebrations. Looking for a men's jewellery to enhance your wrist and give punch to your look? Discover the new bracelets for men.

When men's bracelets rhyme with refinement and elegance

If the men's bracelet is chosen according to one's desires and the circumstances, it is also chosen according to one's personality. Rather pearl or silver? Whatever your tastes, you will be satisfied thanks to the diversity of the models.

Spiritual or ethnic inspiration, the bracelets for men in pearl are distinguished by their natural color as well as their appearance. raw. Enough to magnify a sober and strict outfit in the blink of an eye. Worn alone or in groups (between us, you can also choose a model with several turns), pearl bracelets associated with stones or not have the gift of enhancing all outfits.

For those who swear by precious metal jewellery, the osmosis silver bracelets by Olivier Lafont or the brushed silver models are must-haves. In an intertwined or simple ring mounted on a sliding cord, they symbolize eternal love and attachment. Calling all those who wish to offer expressive gifts to their significant other.

The leather strap, a safe bet that does not deceive

There is no denying it, leather is a masculine material. The proof with these leather bracelets for men of undeniable elegance. With a discreet and contemporary design, they are easy to wear and accompany men in their daily lives. Braided or combined with wood or beads, they add a chic touch to a typically masculine look.

Day or night, they are perfect for standing out. With one or more turns, leather men's bracelets have this facility to marry with all looks. Suit and tie, shirt and skinny jeans, everything suits him. It is therefore no coincidence that it is unanimous among men. Showbiz stars, hipsters, fashion addicts have all succumbed to the madness of leather bracelets. Rightly so.

Shine with a thousand lights with a steel bracelet

A must-have for men's wardrobes, the steel bracelet goes with any outfit, whatever the occasion. Like a real chameleon, it blends into the decor and is faithful both in town and on the beach. Bangle bracelet, chain, braided effect, flat, associated with wood and rope... there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Of course, even the most reluctant will find their happiness. Leather, steel, bronze, pearl, silver... which one do you love? Whatever your choice, they all have a perfect finish, a guarantee of quality and longevity.

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